Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2023-2024(Fully Funded)

Today we have a new Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2023-2024 available here. So, it’s a fully funded scholarship for low-income people.

Grade students who have achieved low grades who have achieved a low percentage and who find it difficult to grab the scholarships. This scholarship is particularly for all students but particularly for low-grade students

You can study master’s degree at any university in the US, Europe Africa Oceania Japan anywhere in these countries There is no application fee this is free to apply and you can apply to any of the partner universities and we will show you the list of partner universities there are a lot of universities before we discuss how to apply which university?

 but, you can find the list of universities that are under this scholarship worldwide.

Host Country:

  • United States
  •  Europe
  •  Japan

Latest Summary of Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2023-2024 *Fully Sponsored*

  •  funded by – World Bank
  • List of partner universities
  • The program offered by the World Bank
  • Eligibility
  • Host Country
  • Deadline

1 -Funded by the World Bank

Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship 2023-2024 opportunity for master’s program offered by the World Bank known as the joint Japan World Bank graduate scholarship program. But, this is an amazing opportunity to pursue your master’s abroad at a top-notch university.

Additionally, the Scholarship is open to residents of positive emerging states with applicable specialized experience and a past supporting their country’s growth and hard work who are applying to a master’s degree program in a growth-connected topic.

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This scholarship is particularly focused on those people who have become professionals after the completion of their bachelor’s or BS degree programs and now want to pursue their master’s degree abroad on fully funded scholarships.

2-List of Partner Universities

Checked 16 different universities from different countries are there so you have a chance to study at this university These courses are listed below so it’s the best chance you can get admissions and scholarships under this university now

1-Australian national university

2-Columbia University

3-Erasmus University Rotterdam

4- Harvard University

5- Johns Hopkins School University

6-grips saitama sos university London

7-Stanford University

8-University of Birmingham

9-University of California Berkeley

10- University of Hong Kong

11-University of Leeds

12- University of Oxford

13-University of Sussex

 14-University of Tokyo subuka

15-university of Wisconsin

16-university of Kit Williams College

3-Program offered by the World Bank

Joint Japan World Bank offers programs so there are two windows to apply for the scholarship first window will be open from January 17th till February 28th and the second window will open from the 29th of March till the 27th of May so different programs are offered under these two windows.

 Window One offers different programs and Window Two is also offering different programs. so you need to check out your program of interest in these two windows and confirm before applying.

 First of all, we will have a look at the programs offered under window one so we can see economic policy management her master’s in public health building and development urban design policy studies, and policy and management here.

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 but, Different universities are offering this program If you are in one of these fields you are eligible to apply for Window One most of the programs are offered yet in Window Two, let us have an accessible program.

  1. climate change environmental.
  2. resource economics environmental.
  3. management and development of public policy.
  4. masters of arts.
  5. masters of science in global health.
  6. policy development.
  7. practice public administration urban.
  8. taxation policy public finance program.
  9. civil and environmental engineering.
  10. international finance and development.
  11. international policy development.
  12. Practice economic policy public health.
  13. public policy refugee and forced.
  14. Migration studies.
  15. environment food and development climate.
  16. change development and policy migration and global development.
  17. master’s in public policy agricultural.
  18. development studies economic and public.
  19. Policy economics management.
  20. Infrastructure management program so

Furthermore, Most of the programs offer under window two so you can check out your relevant program in the list of either window one or window 2 and then Prepare for application accordingly.


The eligibility criteria for this scholarship details eligibility criteria for this scholarship are being a national of a World Bank member developing country. furthermore, We have already had a look at the list of the countries that are eligible to apply not to hold dual citizenship of any developed country be in good health hold.

 Bachelor’s degree earned at least three years prior to the application deadline so this scholarship is basically targeting those who have at least three years of prior experience. However, After Completing their BS programs have three years or more of recent development-related work experience after earning a Bachelor’s degree.

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 we will look at what the word growth connected work means and which areas are involved in this work experience in order to apply for the scholarship to be employed in development-connected work in a paid full-time position at the time of submitting a scholarship application.

Joint Japan World Bank scholarship is really a golden opportunity for those who have long completed their BS like three years or six years ago and have three years of professional experience so as late as six years of past duration after BS is considered to apply for the scholarship.

  • So, must be a national member of the World Bank as listed above.
  •  A dual national of a developed country is not eligible
  • A staff member of the World Bank is not eligible, besides that candidates must not be close relatives.
  • Must be an undergraduate degree (or equivalent university degree) along must be at least three years before the application deadline.


                  29th of March till the 27th of May so different programs are offered.

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