NCTU Scholarships 2023 (Fully Funded)

NCTU, National Chiao Tung University, provides scholarships for 2022-20233 to international students who want to study at NCTU (National Chiao Tung University). Because they are giving (4,000) scholarships to students this year. With no TOEFL or IELTS. furthermore, NCTU Scholarships 2023. Bachelor’s master’s Ph.D. is fully funded and the 30th of September is the last day to apply for this program.

 Scholarships are available to cover tuition fees and living costs, and the amount of scholarships varies from year to year. These scholarships are highly reasonable because there are many outstanding applicants each year, so it’s important to submit your application early in order to have time to prepare your documents and improve your English skills as much as possible before the deadline!

NCTU Scholarships 2023 (details)


Deadline > September 30, 2023.

No Of scholarship > (400).

Course level > bachelor, master, and Ph.D.

Category > fully funded.

Organization> NCTU Taiwan.

Location > Taiwan.   

What is NCTU?

NCTU stands for National Chiao Tung University. NCTU is one of four universities that are under the Ministry of Education, and it was founded by Nanyang Business Group.

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furthermore, Its main campus is located in Hsinchu City, and its subsidiary campus is near Taipei City. The teaching language at NCTU is English or Chinese.

Eligibility Criteria for NCTU Scholarships 2023

  • Eligible students must be from one of NCTU’s partner countries.
  • Applicants must be international students citizens of any country but not from Taiwan.
  • Mentally and physically fit.
  • Should not be holding a scholarship already.
  • Bachelor’s degree program is open to those who have completed high school Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree for a master’s degree.
  • Male and female students both apply.
  • All international students are eligible for NCTU Scholarships.

NCTU Scholarships 2023 Course Offered

following courses are offered.

  1. College of science.
  2. The computer of science.
  3. Engineering.
  4. College of photonics.
  5. Electrical and computer engineering.
  6. College of management.
  7. Faculty intelligence and green energy.
  8. College of humanities and social science.
  9. Biological science and technology.
  10. College of Hakka studies.
  11. Faculty of system engineering.
  12. College of photonics.

Required Necessary Document  

The following documents are required.

  • The online application form must be fulfilled.
  • The required documents application forms the verified highest degree diploma with stamps verified.
  • Graduation certificate required.
  • A passport application is required.
  • English proficiency certificate.
  • Official transcripts and original documents, as well as recommendations later.
  • Candidate bust creates study plans in English or Chinese.

Benefits of NCTU Scholarships 2023 

NCTU Scholarships 2022 benefits students can evil.

  • Benefits for bachelor you will be getting (a NT$ 21,000) monthly stipend.
  • Benefits for a Master’s degree you will be getting (a NT$ 21,000) monthly stipend.
  • $29,000 for Ph.D. costs  
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Who can apply for NCTU Scholarships 2023

The program is open to NCTU students, as well as students of other institutions who are already studying at NCTU. Applicants who are not attending NCTU must apply and be accepted by NCTU before they can apply for a scholarship.

It is not required that you have an interview with a National Central University representative prior to applying. (although it might help) For example, if you are currently studying at a different university and plan on transferring to NCTU then apply! Click here

Things to know before applying for NCTU Scholarships 2023

The National Chiao Tung University offers a variety of scholarships, from general scholarships to departmental scholarships and more. When applying for a scholarship, you must ensure that your eligibility matches NCTU’s requirements before proceeding further.

In addition, keep in mind that they are only offering to international students who are enrolled full-time as an undergraduate degree student. Also, please do not fill out both kinds of application forms as it will cause a problem when we finalize your application.

Details about UG scholarships

additionally, Undergraduate scholarships are awarded to outstanding students based on their excellent academic results, leadership, and teamwork skills.

furthermore, Each scholarship consists of a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend covering tuition fees, accommodation, airfares, and medical insurance costs (estimated value: NT$1,000,000 per year).

Details about UG Admission Requirements

NCTU accepts applications for UG admission only twice a year. furthermore, You can apply from April to June every year. If you are interested in applying for undergraduate programs, additionally, check NCTU’s official website to find out about the latest news, admission requirements, and application procedures.

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but, We recommend that you start preparing at least one year before your desired enrollment date.

Details about English Language Proficiency Requirement

To study at NCTU, so, a foreign student needs to meet one of two English language proficiency requirements. If a student has completed their high school education or most of their degree abroad, they will not need to submit proof of English proficiency.


However, if they are from an institution that does not use English as its teaching medium, then they will be require to submit proof of their ability to study and understand academic papers written in English.

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