PSTET Answer Key 2023: Paper 2 Pdf Download

PSTET Answer Key 2023: On May 8, 2023, the PSEB officially published the PSTET Answer Key 2023. The PSTET Answer Key 2023 must be consulted by the candidates in order to compute their PSTET Exam 2023 marks and access their performance in detail.

After months of anticipation, candidates can now access the official PSTET Answer Key for the year 2023. This crucial document holds the key to assessing your performance in the Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Test.

To ensure transparency and fairness, the conducting authority has made the Answer Key available to all participants. By comparing your attempted answers with the officially provided solutions, you can evaluate your performance and gauge your chances of success.

PSTET Answer Key 2023

Here’s how you can access the PSTET Answer Key 2023:

1️⃣ Visit the official website of the conducting authority.

2️⃣ Look for the “PSTET Answer Key 2023” link on the homepage.

3️⃣ Click on the link to access the Answer Key.

4️⃣ The Answer Key will be displayed in a PDF format.

5️⃣ Download the Answer Key and save it for reference.

Now that you have the Answer Key in your hands, it’s time to meticulously compare it with your attempted answers. Identify any discrepancies, errors, or doubts you may have encountered during the examination.

Remember, the Answer Key is not set in stone. If you firmly believe that a particular question has been inaccurately answered or if you have valid grounds to challenge the provided solutions, you can follow the official procedure for challenging the Answer Key.

Ensure you review the guidelines and instructions provided by the conducting authority regarding the process, deadline, and required documentation for challenging the Answer Key. Follow the prescribed steps meticulously to present your case effectively.

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Keep in mind that challenging the Answer Key is a crucial decision, and it should only be done if you have strong evidence to support your claim. Approach this process with care and precision.

Wishing you the best of luck as you embark on this journey of reviewing the PSTET Answer Key 2023 and, if necessary, challenging it. May your efforts yield the desired outcomes and bring you one step closer to your teaching aspirations!

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PSTET Answer Key 2023 Overview

The PSTET Answer Key 2023 provides an essential overview of the recently conducted Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Test. This comprehensive document serves as a reference point for candidates to assess their performance and determine their potential success in the examination.

PSTET Paper 2 Exam Date30th April 2023
PSTET Paper 2 Answer Key 202308th  May 2023
Raise Objections08th May to 11th May 2023 (5.00 pm)
PSTET Paper 2 Result 2023To be notified
PSTET Scorecard 2023To be notified.

Pdf Link PSTET Paper 2 Answer Key 2023

The question papers and the PSTET Answer Key 2023 for the test given on April 30th were made available on May 8th at The exact link to access the Punjab TET Answer Key 2023 is now operational. The PSTET Answer Key 2023 as well as the test questions are available for download from the URL below for candidates who took the PSTET Exam in 2023.

PSTET Paper 2 Answer Key Link

SubjectAnswer Key Link
Urdu (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Home Science (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Sanskrit (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Physical Education (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Music (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Social Studies (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Science & Maths (PSTET Answer)Click to Download
Art & Craft (PSTET Answer)Click to Download

How may the 2023 PSTET Answer Key be contested?

To challenge the PSTET (Punjab State Teacher Eligibility Test) Answer Key 2023, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Visit the official website: Go to the official website of the PSTET 2023 examination authority. Look for the “Answer Key” or “Challenging Answer Key” section. This is where you will find the necessary information and instructions for challenging the answer key.
  2. Understand the guidelines: Read the guidelines and instructions provided by the examination authority regarding the process of challenging the answer key. Pay attention to the deadlines, fees (if any), and specific requirements for submitting the challenge.
  3. Gather evidence: Collect all the relevant evidence that supports your claim that the answer key is incorrect. This may include textbooks, reference materials, or other reliable sources that demonstrate the correct answer. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the questions and the options provided.
  4. Prepare a written representation: Write a formal representation explaining why you believe the answer key is incorrect. Clearly mention the question number, and the answer you believe is correct, and provide a detailed explanation or justification for your claim. Be concise, logical, and professional in your representation.
  5. Attach supporting documents: Include copies of the reference materials or any other evidence that supports your claim. Make sure to organize the documents properly and label them accordingly.
  6. Pay attention to format and guidelines: Ensure that your representation adheres to the specified format and guidelines provided by the examination authority. Follow the instructions regarding document size, file format, and any other requirements.
  7. Submit the challenge: Submit your written representation and supporting documents as per the instructions provided by the examination authority. Pay attention to the specified method of submission, whether it is through an online portal, email, or any other designated platform.
  8. Pay the required fee (if applicable): Some examination authorities may require a fee for challenging the answer key. If there is a fee, make sure to pay it within the specified deadline and follow the instructions provided for payment.
  9. Keep track of updates: Stay updated with the notifications and announcements from the examination authority regarding the status of your challenge. They may communicate with you through email or update the official website with information about the resolution of the challenges.
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Remember to refer to the official website or contact the examination authority directly for accurate and up-to-date information on challenging the PSTET Answer Key 2023, as the process and specific guidelines may vary.