Fully Funded SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023 in Germany

Do you want to study in Germany on a fully funded scholarship? The SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023 application period has opened in Germany. We will go into great detail about this scholarship program, its advantages, and the application process in this article. The master’s and bachelor’s degree programs are eligible for the scholarships. You can apply for its fully funded scholarship from anywhere in the world.

There are a total of 20 scholarships available. The SBW Berlin scholarship is designed to assist students who are struggling financially. The scholarships will pay for all costs, including tuition, housing, a monthly stipend, and living expenses. Eastern European, South American, Asian, and African refugees may also apply.


Your living expenses are fully covered by the scholarships, which are fully funded. This scholarship in Germany will pay for housing, tuition, and a monthly stipend or living expenses. One of the best alternatives for the student is to continue their studies in Germany with faculty of the highest caliber and fully funded scholarships. We strongly advise you to submit your application for the 2023 SBW Berlin Scholarship in Germany. Read the entire article for more information. You may also read: Fully financed Taiwan Scholarship 2023

Details of the SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023
SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023

Scholarship Duration

 For bachelor’s: 4 years

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 For Master: 2 years

Benefits of the Scholarship

The Fully Funded SBW Berlin International Scholarship 2022 in Germany is for international students.

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Allowance for living

Travel funding for your flights to Berlin before you begin your studies and for your flights back home once you have finished them


Eligibility Requirements

The SBW Berlin Scholarship eligibility requirements are listed below.

  • The recommended age range for international students is 18 to 30 years.
  • grades that are at least 2.0 on average (German grade point)
  • The international candidate must be able to document the family’s meager income.
  • Homeless foreigners and refugees with official status
  • The candidate must be from one of the nations listed.
  • This scholarship is not accessible to you if the German government or any other organization grants you any other funding while you are there.

Required Documents

  • Resume
  • letter of recommendation
  • Motivational letter
  • proof of a low net income.
  • previous transcripts.
  • Admission letter for the school you want to attend
  • certificates for achievements (If any)

Other Information:

Depending on the field and duration, the scholarship will offer support for a maximum of 48 months.

Three missed or failed tests will result in the scholarship being revoked for the recipient.

The scholarship may also be terminated if the non-profit project’s objectives are not met.

After graduating, the student is required to report right away to SBW Berlin and turn in copies of the diplomas and records they earned while studying in Germany.

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SBW Berlin Scholarship 2022–2023 Application procedures:

To apply for this scholarship, please adhere to the directions provided below.

(1) Complete the application form.

(2) Add your photo, contact details, and personal information.

(3) Describe your present and prior education.

(4) Describe:

– Your family, especially your parents.

A most recent diploma from a school or institution

The highest degree awarded at graduation

The greatest level of education attained

Your present and ideal jobs

Training in response to requests for vocational training

Training and work experience

Your interests, pastimes, and skills

The opportunity to volunteer overseas

The following files must be attached:

1 letter of inspiration (one or two pages).

2-A copy of your most recent transcript from a college or university that includes your grade point average

3-A copy of your highest academic degree, such as a university or high school diploma, together with your grade point average and transcript.

Family income statement, page 4.

5-Two letters of support for the candidate from former professors.



The application form is available on the scholarship’s official website.

Additionally, if applicable, copies of the following documents are required:



June 30 or December 31 is the deadline to apply for the SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023 in Germany (Annually).