3 New Scholarships in Germany & Europe 2023 (fully funded)

Do you dream of getting a quality education in Europe? Are you concerned about your bank statement and block account? we will discuss three fully funded Scholarships in Germany For which you can apply, and if you succeed, you won’t need a block account or a bank statement Rather these scholarships also provide you with an airplane ticket. I have researched more than 20 scholarships, and these are the three scholarships where students from Pakistan actually get fully funded Scholarships in Germany. They come to Germany or Europe on a study visa.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits, deadlines, requirements, and how to apply for these scholarships Since there is significant competition for these scholarships. So, I will provide you with a golden tip by which you can stand out from other candidates and it will make it easier for you to win the scholarship.

List of Top Scholarships in Germany in 2023

Here is a List of Fully Funded scholarships in Germany for international students:

  • DAAD scholarship
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
  • Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship

Why You Should Choose Germany for Your Career?

Gеrmany stands out as a primе dеstination for carееr advancеmеnt duе to sеvеral compеlling factors. Firstly, it boasts a strong еconomy that prеsеnts numеrous еmploymеnt prospеcts across various industries.

Sеcondly, thе country’s commitmеnt to innovation and rеsеarch fostеrs an еnvironmеnt conducivе to intеllеctual growth.

Thirdly, Gеrmany’s multicultural society promotes inclusivity and international collaboration, еnabling you to broadеn your horizons and dеvеlop a global nеtwork that will provide invaluablе in your professional journey.

What are the Fully Funded scholarships in Germany in 2024?

Thе Gеrmany Fully Fundеd Scholarship 2024 is an еxcеptional opportunity for aspiring students seeking financial aid to pursue their highеr еducation drеams. This scholarship program gеnеrously covеrs tuition fееs, and living еxpеnsеs, and offers additional allowancеs to qualifiеd candidatеs.

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Whеthеr you aim to undеrtakе a bachеlor’s, mastеr’s, or doctoral dеgrее, this scholarship plays a vital role in еasing financial burdеns and еmpowеring you to focus on your academic achiеvеmеnts.

DAAD scholarship

This is a fully funded scholarship designed for students from developing countries. Pakistan is also an eligible country, and every year, many students from Pakistan come to study in Germany through this scholarship.

benefits of this scholarship

  • The biggest advantage is that at the time of visa application from Pakistan, you don’t have to show any financial resources Instead, you need to provide a scholarship award letter and you get the visa. Additionally, this scholarship includes your air ticket, and after arriving in Germany.
  • Master’s students receive 934 euros/month,
  • Ph.D. students receive 1200 euros/month for the entire duration of their degree.

Which degree programs or courses are available for this scholarship?

There are various fields available, such as Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, Management Media sciences, Agriculture, Medicine, and Natural Sciences such type of fields are available.

who can actually apply for a DAAD scholarship?

To apply for this, you should have a minimum of 16 years of education. if you are coming for an English-taught program. you should have at least 6 bands of IELTS and there is no requirement for the German language.

Also, there is no age restriction to apply for this scholarship. But your last degree should not be older than six years and for the grade, those with above average grades can apply Those with above 3.3 or 3.4 CGPA can apply for this scholarship.

if you have already completed a Master’s degree, you still can apply for a second Master’s, and last requirement is you should have at least 2 years of relevant work experience.

Required documents

Required documents to apply for DAAD scholarships are

  • your Transcript,
  • Degree, Passport,
  • Letter of Recommendation,
  • A letter of Motivation is important
  • Alongside that, your Work Experience certificate is also required,
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official website

Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

 This is a fully funded scholarship in which Pakistani students come to EU countries for their Master As per the official website, 192 Pakistani students came here through this scholarship in 2023.

This scholarship is not only for Germany, rather various EU countries and universities participate in this you can come to Germany for studying 1 or 2 semesters on this scholarship. Overall, you have to study in a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 countries to complete a master’s Degree. This means it is possible that in your Master’s Degree. you study every semester in a new country From which you can get international exposure and you keep receiving money per month From money.

Benefits of this scholarship

  • You get 1400 euros per month for your complete degree duration.
  • with a return air ticket included Return air ticket does not mean that you must go back after completing your degree rather when you get a European degree,

there are different rules in these countries For example, Germany has a rule that if you complete a degree here, you get an 18-month job-search visa Likewise, from any country you complete a degree. you can apply job-search visa in which you can search for a job and get settled here.

Fields are available

Previously, when we were discussing DAAD scholarships, there were very less fields available and programs in the IT field were not available But in this scholarship. the IT field is available and almost all the fields are available and there are almost 200 courses available in which you can apply for a scholarship.

who can apply for this scholarship?

So, you can apply for this scholarship. if you have a minimum of 16 years of education and there is no minimum CGPA requirement, even if you have less CGPA. you can apply But of course, if you have a high CGPA. you have more chances Also, there is no work experience requirement. but relevant work experience is always considered a plus, and for IELTS, there is no hard requirement.

In some cases, it is required, and, in some cases. it is not but IELTS is always recommended so that you have more chances, and you can apply to more courses if you have done a Master’s already. you can apply for 2nd Master’s and of course. you should have a reason why are you going for 2nd Master and how much your 1st Master is related to your 2nd intended Master Now, let’s see how you can apply for this Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Go to the official website.

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Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship

 This is a fully funded scholarship and a very important one because you can apply for bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD and the requirements are very lenient. if you have a lower CGPA, still you have a unique opportunity to win a scholarship. also, work experience is not required in this, and IELTS is also not required. most of the time I also won this scholarship in 2018, when I applied for a bachelors. I didn’t have any IELTS, I had just taken the test and the marks and I won this scholarship, from Pakistan.

more than 200 people go every year through this scholarship and I don’t think that this significant number of scholarships is offered by any other country.

This scholarship is not for Germany, it is for Hungary and your complete study place in HungaryBut once you reach Hungary on a fully funded scholarship. it is also part of Europe and after completing your initial degree. you can move to Germany or some other country which is easier compared you don’t have money in Pakistan to move to Germany or some other country.

The benefit of this scholarship

  • your health insurance is covered after reaching Hungary.
  • accommodation is covered in this, and living expenses.
  • you get 100 to 150 euros per month.

Hungary is a cheap country and there are not many expenses there But if you have more expenses, you can earn by doing a part-time job air ticket covered in this.

who can apply?

so you can apply after 12 16, or 18 years of education. There are no such minimum marks or CGPA. you can apply and merit will be decided afterward. No work experience is required. IELTS depends on your university whether gives you admission with an English proficiency certificate or not Many universities give admission with an English proficiency certificate and do not require IELTS.

Fields are available

There are different fields available.

  • Information technology
  • Computer science
  • Engineering.
  • Medicine.

Required documents

  • your letter of recommendation
  • letter of motivation
  • passport or CNIC
  • your mark sheet or transcript is required

A good thing is you can apply even if your degree is not complete, and you can give a transcript later a medical certificate is required.