Student Success Story Lulu Chen

My name is Lulu Chen. Today I am sharing my Student Success Story. I’m an international student from China. I’m working toward my social degree in business administration here at Clark College. Hopefully, I can transfer to WSU Vancouver for my hospitality business. So right after I graduated high school three years ago.

 My family asked me, if would I like to study abroad. And I said, why not? Just have a try. As the time drew closer, I became really excited about making these journeys thousands of miles away from my home.

 When I came to Clark College in the United States to study abroad, I realized that Clark College had an extraordinary influence on my life. It’s my pleasure to have a chance to tell you all how wonderful the experience I had was.

In the past three years in the international program at Clark College. So, as far as my studies are concerned, during the first few years here, I had many troubles.

student success story
student success story

Many things make it a completely different environment for me such as the different education systems between the U.S. and China. And most of the challenges there is one obstacle for me. It wasn’t easy for me, to get used to people all around me speaking English. Especially some people talking really fast and they using slang words or like, some regional accent. So though things were especially challenging for me, the instructor was very, patient, and many times I just went to the tutoring center to study. And I also go to the international programs advisor, who really helped me a lot.

Sometimes at the end of the day, I like to go to the international program’s office and just stay there for a while. And I can always see there’s like a smiling face and experience, they’re patient and to feel their warm heart. You will when they’re busy. But they still can talk to me when they’re in their break time.

Maybe just tell, talk about what happened recently but, I can see that if something good happened to me they were like really happy for me. And they would also cheer me up when I was down. And I feel like that’s really helped me. so through the encouragement of my family and friends. I working really hard. I ask myself to work hard. And then I became qualified to join the online program.

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In this special group, I have so many fun courses. And I, working with my faculty mentor for my capstone project believe this will help my, study abroad journey more fun and, fulfilling.

So, earlier I was talking about the difference between the U.S. and China, in China, the school will arrange your, like, entire career, the student career.

So they will choose the classes for you, and they choose the instructor that you can have. but, while I’m studying here I’ve found that it’s just totally different, because I learned how to choose the classes by myself, and at the same time, the international programs that are advisers, are the advisers also help me. If I need any help. They helped to find a class that fit my major study and helped me to register for the classes. And this has been really helpful for me.

All of those things were for my future and I have seen that the adviser in the international program has a passion for helping every student. And you used your own experience to help average students. So in addition to my busy, busy study life, I also have a very healthy social life.

An important part of my experience here. So first the international club. That’s a, was a very good place to hang out for me. This is been a pleasure, an opportunity to make new friends from all the over the world. And we can learn about the different cultures. So I believe, so, this is kind of like a relaxing time for me. So when I visit the international club, I can just stay there and meet a friend. And talking about their culture.

so, I feel like I really have had a really good time there. So, the international program always sets up a very good meeting for, activities like, we have International Education Week in, November. And we always have a Christmas party in December, something like that.

So all of the activities were a good chance for me to learn about the new culture and enrich my social experience. and also I was drawing in the women’s choir. So I think that this is a really excellent group. I have made many friends that we can sing together. We can play the piano together. And of course, we’re sharing, our mu, like our favorite music pieces, and sharing the different music from our different cultural backgrounds.

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So after the director April Du, Duwix’s teaching we also have many wonderful concerts and the performance. There is another thing I would like to do in my spare time, which is volunteer. So Clark College’s career and the service-learning program will always organize so many, really good volunteer exper-, opportunities. such as the beach cleanup. And the help in the kids’ cooking color. And the children in the elementary school’s reading program at Franklin Elementary School, so I can tutor there in Chinese. so, yeah that’s fun.

All the volunteer experience make me, make me let me makes more good friends. Who can enrich my social experience? And I believe this is a chance, for me to discover the American culture in many, many ways. so, I also have two part-time schools. One is for the assistant at Archer Gallery. And another, the second, the second one is working with the international program as a China recruitment assistant. So after all of the experience here, I’d like to encourage the potential new students how to experience the international program at Clark College. And to tell them how it’s going to influence their life and to become successful in their future career.

So I have the passion to tell them about Clark College and the American system and how wonderful Clark College is. So, I would let them know this is an opportunity for them to, be successful. And, so yeah it’s fun to work at school. And I’m looking, I’m, yeah, so I’m having a very fun learning experience at Clark College. At first, when becoming an international student, I was nervous and stressed. But it can become less and less, so, step by step. I was a girl that afraid to talk to someone who spoke English, but then I was just, after all of those learning experiences, The people helped me. So I’m not afraid anymore, I’ll be more confident about those language and study challenges.

So I’m working hard on studying and getting into the honor program here. And Clark College and hopefully soon I’m going to graduate. So, I believe the only way to make my dream come true, is hopefully to work in the hospitality industry. So I really want here I really want to appreciate the advisor that I met All of the help has meant a lot to me. especially the international program for both my social life and my study life. I can’t forget how wonderful every adviser is, and how helpful the international program is at college. So I was especially thank you, for, thanks for the staff in the international program So thank you, Susan. She’s not here tonight.

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But without Susan, I don’t think I could come here because she helped me a lot with my application. And she’s just like my good friend, even like my mother in America. So, yeah. Thank you so much for Susan. And thank you for Karen. She’s my academic advisor. So she helped me out a lot with my classes and it gave me a very, a lot of very important sort of advice or suggestions for my major study. And, thank you for Jean, she’s here tonight. She’s like a so, she’s considering a lot for me to participate in some event and the meeting So that’s really helped me a lot, and thank for Jody. She’s here.   Thank you for letting me work in the international program,

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and for your encouragement, of my work, that means a lot to me. I will keep working hard, so all in all life at Clark College has taught me a lot of things. Not only for my just, not only for working on getting my college degree. but also I learned a lot about a new culture. And then make lots of good friends and then meet lots of special people that mean a lot to me.

So I’m still thinking I’m so lucky to have made the decision to come to study abroad three years ago. Without any hesitation I would say, come here. Sure. In the end, I’m so glad to choose Clark College. To choose to be part of the international program and be part of this wonderful, meaningful [INAUDIBLE] nation.

So, thank you so much to Clark College for letting me have, to let my, let my study abroad life so much Thank you so much. This is my student success story.

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