Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024:Fully funded

The Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for foreign students. The scholarship is offered for master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral research. The scholarship provides monthly payments, tuition fee waivers, health insurance, airfare, and housing subsidies. The Swiss scholarships are funded by the Federal Scholarship Council (EKS) in cooperation with the Swiss government.

The Swiss Government Scholarships offer scholarships to over 180 countries. Contestants of any nationality are eligible. Highly qualified doctoral students of all disciplines, as well as young physicians, can utilize the fellowship.

The Swiss Confederation awards government grants every year to encourage international cooperation and exchange in research and the arts between Switzerland and more than 180 countries. These European international scholarships are open to nationals of countries with which Switzerland has diplomatic relations. The federal grant also strengthens Switzerland’s international profile for promoting research culture and as a leading player in ERI.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023

Switzerland is a country with a great reputation for education. As a result, foreign students make up a high proportion of international students in Swiss higher education. In addition, 113 Nobel laureates have been linked to Swiss education. Switzerland also ranks highly in terms of educational institutions. Switzerland has an excellent record in long-term sustainable education, research, and innovation.

This face is one of the pillars of Switzerland’s success. Therefore, creative, inventive, and talented individuals from all over the world are warmly welcome to apply for the Switzerland Scholarships for International Students.

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Host Country: Switzerland
Course Level: Masters Degree, PhDStudy in: Switzerland
Type: Fully FundedDeadline: 1 December 2023Opening date: August 1, 2023

Benefits of Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023-2024

The Swiss government provides full scholarships to international students in Switzerland and covers all costs for the following:

  • Waiver of tuition.
  • Stipend per month.
  • Allowance for housing.
  • Health stipend.
  • Round-Trip Flights.
  • Expenses for lodging in the research budget
  • For more information about financial support, visit the official website.

As a result, research fellowships are available to MS, Ph.D., and post-doctoral students from any discipline who want to study in Switzerland. Swiss universities, scientific institutions, and the Federal Institute of Technology should all be eligible for research and study scholarships. Therefore, only submissions that were suggested by a higher-ranking professor at one of these educational institutions were considered.

Swiss students pursuing their first master’s degree in the visual arts can also apply for art scholarships. Furthermore, every Swiss institution ought to offer subsidies for the arts to students aspiring to be artists. Additionally, only students from a select group of nations were eligible for this Swiss award.

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023 Requirements

It requires the candidate to give it all of his or her attention.

  • For the study or research, students’ language skills must be at a proficient level.
  • A second Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship is not available to students who have previously received one.
  • The duration of the scholarship recipient’s stipend must be spent traveling in Switzerland.
  • Candidates who have lived in Switzerland for more than a year are eligible. not qualified to apply.
  • Candidates must also send a brief CV and a letter stating their qualifications to oversee and support research to the chosen Swiss institution. This letter must be from an academic host professor. Without such assistance, applications would not execute. A study plan with a timetable is required of applicants. The application’s primary objective is this.
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List of Required Documents for Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023

  • Therefore, two confidential letters of recommendation from two different professors in the applicant’s field are necessary (use the FCS reference form exclusively, originals in sealed envelopes for the first collection only). The second collection is also missing from circulation.
  • Previous certifications from universities and colleges will also be linked to grades, and if they are not in the official languages of English, French, Italian, or German, verified translations into English will be offered. Certificates’ original forms shouldn’t be displayed.
  • A completed, typed, and printed FCS application with photos.
  • A thorough resume that includes a rundown of academic publications, honors, and other achievements. • A motivational message (maximum 2 pages).
  • Another requirement is a thorough study proposal that uses just the FCS research proposal form and is no longer than 5 pages long.
  • Signed Health Certificate (only use the FCS health certificate form).
  • In the same vein, a copy of a letter (along with a brief CV) explaining why the selected Swiss university’s host professor is qualified to direct and support research is required.
  • a brief resume at the institution where the academic mentor is enrolled.

Application Deadline For Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023

The deadline to apply for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships 2023 is December 1, 2023.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2023, you must do it all online. The application procedure is likewise unique to each nation and is determined by Swiss authorities. Please visit the official website of the Switzerland Government Scholarship to submit an application.

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1. The applicant must prepare the following documents:

  • Formalized and printed FCS application with a signature. with
  • A complete CV that includes a list of scholarly papers, honors,
  • The two-page letter of motivation.
  • a thorough study proposal (no more than 5 pages, signed), using only the FCS research proposal
  • a replica of the letter expressing the reasons why the academic host professor is willing to direct and assist the research at the selected Swiss university (together with her or his brief CV).
  • a brief resume of the professor who will be your mentor at your school.
  • Two private letters of recommendation from two different professors who are experts in the applicant’s field (only use the FCS reference form; originals must be sealed).
  • copies of certificates, grade reports, and diplomas with grades from previously attended colleges and universities, starting with the most recent. if not, then in English, French, Italian, or German with officially authorized translations in English that have been attested. Submit copies of the certificates instead.
  • medical certificate that has been signed (only use the FCS health certificate form).
  • two copies of the main page with the applicant’s information from their passport. A copy of each passport is included for dual nationals. Candidates who are already present in Switzerland at the time of application must also include a copy of their Swiss residency document.

(2) A Swiss representation of your nation can acquire the application package.

(3) Please submit the following application materials in the precise sequence listed below: The first set includes the original, duly executed documents as well as the private letters of recommendation and, if necessary, the attested English translations. With the exception of the private letters of recommendation (only the first set), the other set is a duplicate of the first set. None for the second set.